"Mär si Stol"

"Mär si Stol" is a group exhibition of 27 artists, whose subject was to transform a piece of a historical vehicle into a work of art. The exhibition was held at 3 different locations:

- from 25.8. - 31.8.2022 at the Maison Moderne near the Parc Gerlache, avenue de la Liberté, Differdange.
- from 3.9. - 4.9.2022 in the desecrated church of Lasauvage during the Kiwanis History Vehicles Festival.
- from 1.10. - 27.10. at 69, rue de l'Alzette in Esch-Alzette (formerly Sephora)

The artists who participated in the exhibition are: Claus G. BEESKOW, Raymond COLOMBO, André DEPIENNE, KIT EMPIRE, Fränky HOSCHEID, Assy JANS, Théid JOHANNS, Frank JONS, Philippe KONSBRÜCK, Nico LANGEHEGERMANN, Thierry LUTZ, Diego MILITELLO, Ronny PEIFFER, Erny RAYECK, Yvette RISCHETTE, Reiny RIZZI GRÜHLKE, Patrick SADLER, SALVI/ORTLIEB/BURATTIN/BOUZAHZAH, Jean-Claude SALVI, SANCTOBIN Brothers, Pascale SEYLER, Georg 'Siggi' SIDDHARTHA, STICK, SUMO, Marco WEITEN, Alain WELTER, Magda ZAGRZEJEWSKA.

Video Playlist

Please find all the artist's videos in one playlist. When you watch the first video clip, the others are automatically played. So you can discover everything without having to do anything.

"Art Billig"

In line with "Art Billig", Alain Tanguy combines in this exhibition from January 15 to February 25, 2022 at the Lieu d'Europe in Strasbourg, Breton heritage with contemporary artistic practice.

The billig is a pancake plate used here as a round-shaped support, reminiscent of the tondo, by contemporary artists, including:

Camille Déjean, Michel Déjean, Daniel Depoutot, Catherine Gangloff, Kevin Helan, Michel Mousseau, Mikael Urtz, Jean Remlinger, Germain Roesz, Patrick Sadler, Raymond Waydelich.

Artiste et écrivain Patrick Sadler

Reflet des temps
Reflets d’étang

29,5 x 22 cm
12 pages
20 copies
Remainder 11


Patrick Sadler


Patrick Sadler,
relecture Catherine Gangloff

Exhibition 2020

Here are some of the envelopes I sent for the Mail Art 2020 exhibition in Strasbourg.

Some of them were not exhibited.
Personal works sent

Exhibition LGE 2018

From 23 February to 27 April, Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:00
at the Esch Boys High School, 71, rue du Fossé L-4123 Esch-sur-Alzette.

If you missed the opening, you can review the opening speech of the exhibition from Pascal Bermes by watching the following film:
Report LGE 2018

Les Nénuphars

Poster realized by
Jessica David © 2016

"Your exhibition was a pure marvel, the paintings exist, you put all your heart into them!"
Fernand Bertemes talking about "Les Nénuphars"

Apple Book de Patrick Sadler

Available on Apple Books

Here is a catalog of landscape paintings from 2005 to 2007 by Patrick Sadler with texts and poems by Françoise Bringel, which you can acquire as a digital book including some short Time-laps videos in the Apple Books Store.

The book is also available in a limited edition print version at the Konscht Shop.


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