Patrick Sadler Biographie

Patrick Sadler

Patrick Sadler was born in 1961 in the metallurgical city of Differdange. When he was young, drawing fascinated him, but his passion for music took over. It is only during his stay in Strasbourg that he meets the visual and audiovisual arts and decides to paint the nature of the image he perceives. To make "what thinks" visible to others through painting with im-expressionist means becomes his primordial quest.

Patrick Sadler Paysages


These are Landscapes that are to be seen in Luxembourg and have been discovered by riding a bicycle. Others are located in France and have been encountered during holidays.

Patrick Sadler Nus


The quest consist also in painting female Bodies and Nudes who could not leave, the painter's pictorial search indifferent with their attraction, grace and elegance.

Patrick Sadler Autoportraits


Another aim is the drawing and painting of Portraits, which have always fascinated the painter. For him, the portrait reveals a part of the soul that has forged the appearance of the character traits and expressiveness of the face.

Patrick Sadler Expo


Some exhibitions can be revisited in the form of photos and the one from 2011 also in the form of a film documentary by Leo Folschette. A video clip of the 2013 and 2016 exhibition is available here below. An old video clip of paintings from the time of 1986 can be found directly here:

Rock Plastique 1986

Film Exhibition 2011

Film Exhibition 2013

Film Exhibition 2016

Film Exhibition 2017

Report LGE 2018

Report made by 
Gianni Mersch, Vanessa Barbieux and Lara Klop
about the exhibition from 
Patrick Sadler
at the LGE in 2018

Opening Speech LGE 2018

The Painting Paradigma

This experimental short movie brings up the vision of a novel concept, "The Painting Paradigma", in which an artificial intelligence is painting the painter, a natural intelligence, which is creating the art in the first place.

4517 frames had to be individually processed with 85823 control points that had to be adjusted, so that the A.I. could create the "mask" for reality.

I would like to thank Lucienne Deviscour for the help with the A.I. and "Tinlé" for assisting in editing.

The music track was improvised and recorded by myself.

Many thanks to Jessica David, Christiane Sunnen and Roger Roth for the exhibition and the acquisition of the painting.

Report Exhibition 2019

Report on the exhibition "Paintings and Sculptures 2019" of the municipality of Mamer.
Production and Realization: Leo Folschette.


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