Patrick Sadler Biographie

The musician

You can watch some documentaries of his exhibitions. But Patrick Sadler is also a musician, as you can see in the videos below.
Some videos of his exhibitions contain musical accompaniments, which he recorded in his personal studio. Others are music videos showing live performances with other musician friends.

All Alone

Joint exhibition of Fernand Bertemes, Marc Bertemes, Patrick Sadler, Gérard Claude at the gallery "Op der Kap” in Capellen/Luxembourg. The soundtrack of this exhibition was recorded in 1998 in one take by Marcel Cornaro (keyboards), Franco Zanon (lead guitar), Patrick Sadler (vocals, guitar), Claude Maas (bass guitar) and Guy Maas (drums).

The lyrics from the song called "All Alone" were written by Gilles Mehlinger and Patrick Sadler. The song was composed and arranged by Patrick Sadler. The exhibition was filmed in 4K and edited by Patrick Sadler.

Let it be

“Let it be” is an extract from a DVD entitled Classic Rock that you can buy at the “Harmonie d'Ehlerange” shop . Patrick Sadler plays guitar with the Rock Band “Diario” (Andrea Galetti, Nico Pantaleoni and Fabio Geronzi), the Harmonie d'Ehlerange under the direction of Marco Turci and the presidency of Jean-Jacques Rieff, the choirs "Cercle vocal Belval-Metzerlach" and "Chorale Ste Cécile Strassen" under the direction of Jean Wagner.

Les feux de l'usine

Julien Arpetti and Patrick Sadler got together on stage to perform a personalised version of "les feux de l'usine". This recording was made by a camera placed on the table by Patrick Sadler before going on stage.

This special version of “les feux de l’usine” was improvised on two consecutive evenings as part of a show entitled "Vive la France" directed by Marco Turci and presided over by Jean-Jacques Rieff in the Kulturschapp in Ehlerange in Luxembourg in 2014.

Lieder mal nicht Bieder

This video recording from 1982 was taken by Paul Thiltges with a portable VHS camera. The song, improvised by the musicians, was created as part of a series of performances entitled "Lieder mal nicht Bieder" in the festival hall of the Lycée Hubert Clement Esch (LHCE) in Esch/Alzette in Luxembourg. The musicians were Jeannot Sanavia, Mario Saracini, Rita Bohler, Vivianne Kaufmann, Fernand Schroeder, Claudine Bimmermann, Claude Waringo und Patrick Sadler. Lighting Engineering Philippe Bozetti. Sound Engineering Christian Mille.

Rock Plastique 1986

Film Exhibition 2011

Film Exhibition 2013

Film Exhibition 2016

Film Exhibition 2017

Report LGE 2018

Report made by 
Gianni Mersch, Vanessa Barbieux and Lara Klop
about the exhibition from 
Patrick Sadler
at the LGE in 2018

Opening Speech LGE 2018

The Painting Paradigma

This experimental short movie brings up the vision of a novel concept, "The Painting Paradigma", in which an artificial intelligence is painting the painter, a natural intelligence, which is creating the art in the first place.

4517 frames had to be individually processed with 85823 control points that had to be adjusted, so that the A.I. could create the "mask" for reality.

I would like to thank Lucienne Deviscour for the help with the A.I. and "Tinlé" for assisting in editing.

The music track was improvised and recorded by myself.

Many thanks to Jessica David, Christiane Sunnen and Roger Roth for the exhibition and the acquisition of the painting.

Report Exhibition 2019

Report on the exhibition "Paintings and Sculptures 2019" of the municipality of Mamer.
Production and Realization: Leo Folschette.


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