Patrick Sadler Anciens Paysages

Older Landscapes

My painting integrates a research on the nature of the image. Nature that we are unable to locate. As soon as we try to grab it, it escapes us. It seems as ephemeral as a soap bubble, which, when touched, bursts.
How to transmit it then and how to be sure that it will appear to others, as it appears to me?

Patrick Sadler Nympéas

Water Lilies

A pond reflecting the sky and transparently showing its water world. Like a carpet of flowers that has been built in conjunction with various physical elements (the earth where the roots are anchored, the water they grow through to finally float on its surface and bloom in the air due to the photosynthesis, which is powered by the fire of the sun).

Patrick Sadler Paysages


"The image of the nature of the image" is a play on words that brings together "the image of nature" and "the nature of the image". By observing nature to paint it, I noticed that I was looking more at an image in my thoughts than a reality in front of me. In soliloquy, a mental chatter began: what is it made of, this image in us, that we experience daily without realizing it? We live this image in ourselves and believe in a reality that is only an appearance from our mental projection.

Patrick Sadler Atelier

Inside the Studio

This view of the painter's studio shows that man is a "multi-tasking" being. 😉


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