Exhibitions 2022 Art Billig

Exhibitions 2022

In line with "Art Billig", Alain Tanguy combines in this exhibition from January 15 to February 25, 2022 at the Lieu d'Europe in Strasbourg, Breton heritage with contemporary artistic practice. The billig is a pancake plate used here as a round-shaped support, reminiscent of the tondo, by contemporary artists, including: Camille Déjean, Michel Déjean, Daniel Depoutot, Catherine Gangloff, Kevin Helan, Michel Mousseau, Mikael Urtz, Jean Remlinger, Germain Roesz, Patrick Sadler, Raymond Waydelich.

Exhibitions 2020

Exhibitions 2020

Michel Dejean and Catherine Gangloff have succeeded in reviving postal art by randomly sending envelopes to artists all over the world. The response to this fortuitous correspondence was more than impressive, as the resulting exhibition consists of 162 envelopes from 26 different countries.
This reception of multiple works exhibited at the Lieu d'Europe in Strasbourg was remarkable for the variety of mailing locations, the variety of responses and the artistic variety to an identical proposal and format.

Exhibitions 2019 Galerie op der Kap

Exhibitions 2019

To paint to challenge what seems real to me and to surprise the image coming from somewhere else than elsewhere. To knead the matter while letting the energy reconstitute the ephemeral phenomenon of my vision. The illusory complicity of shapes and colours then delivers me a representation that gives all the signs of life. My consciousness reveals itself as the space of a volatile thought going to the front of a world that owes it to be conceived.
Pleasure or not, painting remains the expression of the unimaginable that I dare to entrust to others.

Lama Shérab Namdreul

Exhibitions 2018

Exhibitions  2018

"Back to the Roots" is an exhibition that brings the painter back to his origins. From where he once left to broaden his vision of the world, he returned to show his "golden fleece" in the form of a series of drawings and paintings.
After 35 years of random encounters with countless phenomena, the former pupil tries to transmit his mental reflections to a generation whose challenge is to safeguard the heritage of a drifting society in total ethical distress.
The exposed landscapes relate their relative existence and the aesthetics of a benevolent thought.

Patrick Sadler Exhibitions 2017

Exhibitions 2017

No married couple has lasted as long as our most faithful "mountainous" couple, the "Lëtscheft" and the "Zolverknapp". The two hills, as inseparable as my polyptych, show us how to live in harmony through the centuries without ever beating each other.
That's why I chose as theme the two topological phenomena most inseparable from the region and can be seen from far already when coming from Luxembourg City to Belvaux.

Patrick Sadler Exhibitions 2016

Exhibitions 2016

But where did the painter go to poke his nose? "In water, where one can see oneself without a mirror and where water lilies meditate on the ephemeral nature of their water-lily existence." (poetic thought breathed into the painter by the water lilies) A body of water shimmering the sky and showing the aquatic world, filled with water lilies. It is a carpet of flowers that has been built in relation with several physical elements (the ground where the roots are anchored, the water they cross and on which they float to bloom in the air in photosynthesis with the sun's fire).

Patrick Sadler Exhibitions 2013

Exhibitions 2013

Each meeting was impregnated by the feminine expressiveness of the models and the painter's pictorial vision. Capturing, preserving and expressing the energy of these moments in order to offer them to public contemplation - that's the challenge - that's the feat! The painter combines several painting techniques (oil and pastel), to reinvent pictorially in terms of shapes and colors the performance of the models. From this symbiotic work was born a bath of lights and forms perpetuated in the form of objets d'art.

Patrick Sadler Exhibitions 2011

Exhibitions 2011

Three friends, Fernand Bertemes, Petra Werlé and Patrick Sadler, painters and sculptors, met to exhibit their works together. The exhibition, organized by A.s.b.l. "Frënn vun den Caper Piwitschen" under the patronage of the Commune of Mamer took place from 25 November to 17 December 2011 at the "Galerie op der Kap", 70, route d'Arlon in Capellen (in front of the church). The profits from the sale were entirely dedicated to generous charitable projects.

Patrick Sadler Exhibitions 2009

Exhibitions 2009

The project figuration/non-figuration proposes to compare in a single exhibition the two worlds of painting to allow to observe the elements that oppose them and those that connect them. It enables us to observe the passages from one world to another and challenges the knowledge of the notion of figure and non-figure, representation and visual abstraction by the pictorial medium.


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