Patrick Sadler Body


Our personality is based on a mental projection of a "body in itself", which becomes vacuous when viewed from very near and very far. The empty space, which gives the body its closed appearance, permeates it and lets it dissolve cognitively, if one looks at it from very close and very far. This way of looking at the act shakes our usual perception of the appearing solidity of the human body.

Patrick Sadler Nude


The nude paintings could only be realized thanks to the sustained collaboration and the creative passion of the models, who participated in the postures research sessions. It is these wonderful women who have contributed to pictorial research by offering the aesthetics of their nudity and the beauty of the expressiveness of their bodies with sublime forms.

Patrick Sadler Ancient Nudes

Older Nudes

New forms appear with the change of viewing proximity. The same goes for the contours that lose their reality when you try to touch them by approaching them. It's a bit like trying to catch a rainbow with our hands.

Patrick Sadler Agenouillé

Le Faisan

Some paintings realized during my participation in the group of painters "Le Faisan", which organized exhibitions of contemporary painting and had an independent associative gallery.

"But isn't it paradoxical, even contradictory, to want to "group together" at a time when individualism and media overkill are pushing uncontrollably to anything, to be seen and to be valued, inevitably to the detriment of the other?

Pluralism is the only way to recreate a dynamism of creation whose foundation is work, research and not the worldly or market recognition.
(Catalogue Le Faisan 1988, page 7)

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